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Hudson Hemp is dedicated to driving innovation in plant medicine and regenerative agriculture.

Our Products

All products are 3rd-party lab tested at multiple stages to comply with state and federal guidelines, from cultivation to processing, to manufacturing, to sale. They are free of any solvents, waxes, contaminants and additives.



An oil that is 75-85% CBD and includes other cannabinoids, terpenes and essential fatty acids.

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A crystalline powder that is 98-99 % CBD and is the pure chemical compound.

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Customized Formulas 

We offer custom formulation that aligns with marketplace use cases and partner needs.


Seeking partners who want to create best in class Hemp products that work to make our planet a better place.

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    Wholesale Partners work with us because we:
  • provide premium raw source of CBD hemp extract
  • lead joint research and development of hemp-based products
  • facilitate the development of private label brands extending from R&D
  • create joint marketing programming around plant science
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